No Batteries

A deep cycle 12 volt / 200
Amp Hour  battery would
cost about $200 U.S.

It can be charged to deliver
about two kilowatt hours of
120 VAC electricity.

An insulated metal container
of the same dimension
would cost about $8 U.S.

This container can be easily
charged with thermal
energy, to deliver about four
kilowatt hours of 120 VAC
electricity at will.
flux energy gs
Community-Scale Solar Power, day and night
Thermal Energy Storage

While traditional designs utilize a high receiver tower and two storage tanks, one hot
and one cold, our design utilizes a single, tall storage tower, which integrates into the
receiver tower.

Not only does this eliminate a redundant tank, but also minimizes the length of
insulated piping to move the energy storage medium from the heating receiver, to the
storage container.

The design operates on the principles of a hot water tank in your home.  By making the
tank, tall with respect to its diameter, it is acceptable to use a single tank, with the hot
fluid on top and the cooler fluid on the bottom, with a steep thermo-cline to separate
the layers.

For our storage design, we look to maintain approximately a 5 to 1 height to diameter
ratio, yielding optimal benefit for construction cost and thermal performance.
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