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Community-Scale Solar Power, day and night
Arid Heat Rejection

Power systems which derive energy from heat, need a heat rejection source.  For large
scale systems, this need has always been quenched by natural water.

In the name of Power and Progress, Utilities have claimed this water as necessity.  The
source for this water might be a river, lake, irrigation or ground water.

In every case, this water source is not improved by the process and would be better off
left alone.

Solar Design allows for a unique advantage over fuel based energy solutions.  Unused,
the sun's energy would shine on the ground anyhow.  A solar power plant is
intercepting it, storing it, converting one quarter to electricity, then returning the
remainder back to the earth, where it would have fallen in the first place.

It is our contention that the ground environment in a solar scape needs the sun's heat
to survive!

Flux Energy has designed a proprietary, large scale radiator which uses a combination
of geothermal and air radiant cooling for heat rejection to return the heat to the land it
was intended for.

No water is consumed, no steam or humidity is placed into the atmosphere and no
water body is warmed.
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