flux energy gs
Community-Scale Solar Power, day and night
Flux Sun Dial™ CST Plant Design

The company Flux Energy GS is named for the specialty of the tasks performed,
Gathering and Storage; hence the initials GS.

Sun Dial™ is a CST Tower Design, with a central Receiver Tower, Gathering Array of
Mirrors, Thermal Energy Storage and Power Block.

The main components for a Concentrating Solar Thermal (CST) Power Plant design are:

  • Power Block – produces electricity from the stored thermal energy.

  • Thermal Storage – insulated storage container which holds the thermal medium.

  • Flux Receiver – accepts the concentrated flux energy and transfers it to the
    thermal medium

  • Flux Gathering Array – gathers and concentrates the solar flux over a large area
    onto the small area of the Flux Receiver.

With efficient thermal storage, the act of converting stored energy into electrical power
is a stand alone component of the system and can be done at any time, resulting in
power production day and night.

While the Proprietary Plant Design by Flux Energy shares the main components of a
traditional CST power plant, our uniqueness of design stands out in the Gathering and
Storage of Solar Flux Energy, our novel Heat Rejection System and valuable additions
for Mirror Cleaning.
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Design Merit

This is a design
not only meets
power production demands
RE energy,
breaks price barriers,
applies American resources,
provides American jobs
doesn’t burden  our
ground, water or air