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Community-Scale Solar Power, day and night
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This is an example scenario only, and is meant
as a tool to illustrate the application of
incentives and depreciation toward the cost of
ownership for a Flux Energy
Sun Dial™ power
Native American Tribes
#1 Sun Dial™ Ownership

3 Year Payback

Tribal Ownership; produce
power  for an Indian Casino.
Feasibility Grants
Sale of Energy Credits
Federal Tax Credits
Production Tax Credits
State Tax Credits
Power Savings
All incentives and values stack
up for this ideal
Investment Evaluation
10 Mw Sun Dial™ RE Power Plant to
produce power for an Indian Casino
See Table Below for details
The Majestic Rendering of a
Sun Dial™ is integrated to the
landscape and set against a
Mountain Backdrop.

Architectural Treatment of the
Sun Dial™ Design can provide an
unfolding number of themes and
aesthetic variations.
Service Life:
50 Years